A Leader in Frozen and Refrigerated Storage Since 1960

At Laval Cold Storage Ltd., we have specialized in refrigerated and frozen storage for over 50 years. Learn about our company’s history and the highlights that have marked its development over the years.


Laval Cold Storage was founded on January 1, 1960 by Paul and Maurice Prud'Homme. At that time, they started out with 5,000 square feet of refrigerated space.

On June 1, Claude Prud'Homme, Paul Prud'Homme’s son, was hired as a bookkeeper and handler.

The company has been federally registered (S-717) since January 1, 1960.


The company added 5,000 square feet of refrigerated space.


The company added 30,000 square feet: 15,000 square feet of frozen space and 15,000 square feet of refrigerated space.


Paul Prud'Homme passed away following a long illness.


Claude Prud'Homme repurchased 100% of the shares in Laval Cold Storage.


Upon entry into force of Bill 101, Laval Cold Storage Ltd. became Les Entrepôts Frigorifiques Laval LTÉE.


The company added another 20,000 square feet composed of:

- 11,000 square feet of freezing space, with 30’ clear height shelving -

- 3,000 square feet of refrigerated space -

- 5,000 square feet of office space for rent -


François Prud'homme joined the team in January, 1996 as Floor Manager.


François Prud'Homme took on the position of General Manager of the company.


Michel Prud'Homme in turn joined the team in January, 2000.


The company added 16,000 more square feet of refrigerated storage space.

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